Billboards exhibition


Artist: Daniel Aubry

Billboards are one of the last vestiges of Surrealist art. Take away the “Headline“, the “Tag“ and all that remains is an act of pure provocation, writ large.

In most instances billboard content is openly sexual since that is still the “trigger“ that most easily gets us to part from our hard earned dollars.

So as your walking on Houston St. in New York, you may come across a couple of monstrously oversized lovers staring brazenly at you from above, as though you, the voyeur in this improbable scenario had intruded on their coitus interruptus.

It is our guilty pleasure at having surprised the lovers in flagrante, which provides the titillation and for the briefest of instants, holds our much overworked attention.

Calvin Klein has once again performed his magic. Next time we’re buying underwear at Macy’s we will walk right past “Fruit of the Loom“ and without even knowing why, opt for Calvin’s overpriced goods.

Is there any logic in all of this? Of course not.

That has always been the principal appeal of Surrealism. Its total irrationality. Abandon logic ye who enter here.

So in these pages you will see a painted waterfall improbably cascading down the side of a brick building; a humongous Western hero, no doubt touting Marlboros, his white Stetson, seemingly shot full of holes (which were merely windows on the side of the building).

Or sexy Kate Moss, her derriére provocatively exposed, pouting at us in open invitation. Oh, that we should be so lucky!

I hope that you will find some of the images as humorous as I do.
Feel free to smile, chuckle or even let loose with a belly laugh. I had fun shooting them. Why shouldn’t you have some fun as well ?

Now that you hold the key to this modest photographic enterprise sit back and enjoy the ride.