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As with most things in life, the Daniel Aubry Gallery owes its existence to a karmic accident. Daniel Aubry, the eponymous owner is a professional photographer and art collector who also deals in real estate, especially in Beacon, New York.

About a year and a half ago Daniel was trying to write an important e-mail at Zuzu’s, a local coffee shop and wireless hot spot. Going on just behind him was a kiddie “ sing along “ . Aubry found it impossible to concentrate. “ I’m getting too old for this “ he thought to himself. Driven from the Café he wandered across the street where he saw a store front for rent. The price was right. Within an hour he’d signed a lease. Even though the decision to open a gallery was impulsive it had a certain logic to it. Daniel Aubry represents the estate of Purvis Young a major Miami artist who recently passed away. The gallery would afford Aubry the opportunity of introducing Purvis Young to a new audience, as well as that of showing his own widely exhibited fine art photography. Since then the gallery, under the direction of Hannah Anderson, has shown new local artists such as the talented portraitist, Katie O’Hagen; and abstract artist, Chris Albert; and most recently Will Teran a young artist fromacross the river in Newburgh, whose colorful canvases are reminiscent of Jean Michel Basquiat.

Daniel Aubry represents the work of Purvis Young visit: www.purvisyoungny.com

Art is a way for individuals to express themselves and artists deserve to have their hard work shown off. Daniel Aubry Gallery is a Beacon, NY art exhibit and gives artists of all sorts a place to show their work off. Maybe you aren’t an artist yourself but enjoy viewing great art and paintings. Have you purchased art in the past or looking for your first painting? When this is the case, Daniel Aubry Gallery welcomes you to stop in and get your art fix and possibly purchase your next painting.

Are you an emerging New York City artist? Do you want to have your paintings or other artwork displayed to a new crowd? Let Daniel Aubry Gallery display your art to a newer crowd and help broaden your fan base. Whether you specialize in traditional paintings or abstract art, Daniel Aubry Gallery will give you and your paintings the credit they deserve. Stop in and check out our Beacon, New York art gallery!

For information about Daniel Aubry’s photographs visit www.aubryphoto.com


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